From 2June 2015 till 4June 2015


SooqSharq is cooperating with Kuwait Mind Sports Association to establish Chess Tournament with the following regulations and details

A) Tournament Categories

Open for all

B) Registration:

1) Registration fees are:

- KD (10) for all levels. 

2) There will be a penalty for any player withdraws during the tournament without a formal excuse.

 3) Due date for registration is 30/05/2015.

·        Any Player who wants to register after the due date will have to pay KD (15) as a registration fee.

C) Location: 

ShooqSharq – Sharq City

D) Time control:

- Swiss system (9) Rounds.

- It’s (20) Minutes for each player additional (5) seconds for each move. 

E) Tie Break: 

- Tie break between two players with the same point in the end of tournament will be on swiss system as follows: 


·         Results of Round

·         Bokholz System 

·         Number of winning 


F) Tournament timing:

- Three rounds every day, starts at (6) PM.


G) Objections: 


- Any objection should be submitted to the Appeal Committee after the end of the round directly and pay KD (10) refunded if the objection was correct. 

H) Prizes: 




1st winner

$ 1,000

2nd winner

$ 500

3rd winner

$ 300

4th winner

$ 150

5th winner

$ 100

6th winner

$ 80

7th winner

$ 70

8th winner

$ 50

Best Youth Player

$ 200

2nd best youth player

$ 100

Best female player

$ 200

2nd best female player

$ 100


All FIDE rules & Regulations apply in this tournament. 


For registration and more information contact:

Mr. Fadi Almalkawi                                        Ms. Zeinab Al-Fayad

Mobile (51570991)                                                 Mobile (99476006)




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